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Generation of data to enhance understanding and harnessing of nature

The department of Environmental Management carries out research and training in environment and natural resources through its laboratories (Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Water and Wetlands Research Laboratory and Geographical Information Systems Laboratory) for research and teaching. These facilitated generation of data/ information required to improve understanding of functioning of nature and how nature can be harnessed to improve livelihoods in addition to building capacity through teaching and learning.

Research on water and wetlands aimed at influencing policy

In the water and wetlands research laboratory; research has been carried out on water and wetlands resources with the focus on assessment and monitoring. We have been able to demonstrate the importance of wetlands in water treatment and pollution control. Results have influence policy by demonstrating the importance of urban wetlands like Nakivubo wetland. This wetland provides wastewater treatment function estimated at over 1 million US dollars per annum.

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Biotechnology Laboratory producing protocols for Banana Tissue Culture established

The School of Agricultural sciences has established a good Biotechnology laboratory which has produced many protocols (recipes) for banana tissue culture production; most of the protocols used in tissue culture banana in the region were developed by the Department of Crop Science. Tissue culture is the growing of plants from single cells. This technique has enabled the production of clean planting material (without diseases) and their quick multiplication. Use of clean planting materials has resulted in over 40% increase in yield of most of the vegetatively propagated plants like cassava, sweet potato, banana etc.

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New Tomato Variety MT 56 Developed

The School of Agricultural Sciences has also screened a Tomato Variety MT56 which is very resistant to Bacterial wilt of tomatoes. Bacterial wilt (caused by Ralstonia solanacearum) is one of the most serious diseases of Tomatoes without easy means of controlling. Most farmers in the areas around the central region were abandoning tomato production because of this disease. The new tomato variety is resistant to the bacterial wilt disease and is high yielding. Professor Emeritus Rubaihayo of the Department of Agricultural Production is working on getting the variety officially registered and released by the Variety release committee. Some of the farmers groups in Busukuma - Wakiso and Mukono districts have already started growing the variety. This variety is not genetically modified. It was developed through classical plant breeding procedures.

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